made a Zori!

Heh so it turns out that when you run every morning and then go around town the rest of the day in the Okinawa heat, you get sleepy around 20:00. 

Which is why I didn’t post anything. For the past…week ? Help! I’m drowning in a big time-vacation-soup!

BUT I took a quick picture of the zori* (Zori are Japanese flip flops) that I made and I’ll post it here cause it’s kinda cool. I make the next one to complete the pair tomorrow~ 

[*we were at the book store and my sister found a how-to book to make zori out of scrap fabric and plastic rope. Grandma used to have to make her own out of straw during the war (WWII) and she helped us along with the tricky parts, happy to remember when she used to do the same]


Grandma gave us some old silk from the inside of a kimono that she wore FIFTY years ago!!  

We were like, “Um. Silk? Is this really OK, gramma ?” and then, “What, FIFTY YEARS?!” 

The cloth for the strap came from a scrap that used to be the outside of the kimono.


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