Three drawings of Grandpa Mitsuo

My grandpa Mitsuo saw my copy of my portrait of the Okinawan gramps and eagerly asked for his own. It was kind of funny because, in stark contrast to grampa Yoshio, grandpa Mitsuo was pretty nervous when I drew him and had to wipe sweat from his face multiple times. and he was tightening his lip so it looks like he has no lips… heehee! But I wish I had more time to draw him more; I could have gotten a better portrait.

The first sketch says “Clint Eastwood” because it kind of looks like the great Eastwood, I think.  The second one bears the most resemblance to him, and the Third is the big one, supposed to be the main one. Which is why I was disappointed in it. And now I have to wait until next time we go to Japan!:(


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