Walnut jewels

This is a piece of jewelry that I attempted to make.

It would have been a sort of friendship necklace where two parts notch together to make a whole but in an oh so much more original way, which was my thinking behind the project.

I like how the end product looks, except for the fact that the excessively moist glue cracked the overly dry walnut shell, resulting in 1) no room to drill a hole to attach a jump ring to attach to the chain, and 2) an infinitely more unstable nutshell.

I don’t know if thus should be considered a success or a failure. Maybe a success because now I know what to do next time…:)



One thought on “Walnut jewels

  1. Beautiful object d’art… And looking into the nut shells reminds me of ひーじー’s 盃(さかずき)‼ マミーポコ

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