Dress prototype!

The process of making my prom dress:
-1) be super inspired after glancing at the ball gowns exhibition from afar while rushing out of the V&A because it is closing time (it is the dress on the right in this picture)
0) sketch stuff out, buy fabric with friend, realize that a full-length dress will make me look comically stumpy, change design to short dress
1) measure myself
2) compare with other dresses that fit me well
3) make blueprint(i’m not sure what it’s actually called… I guess just ‘more sketching’ would have sufficed)
4) divide all measurements by 10, multiply by 2 for the dimensions of a scale model (1/5) <– I must be doing the math wrong somehow because the 'scale model' does not look like 1/5… It looks a LOT smaller
4.5) learn how to work the ancient seeing machine
5) make mini model experiment

Result: pretty satisfactory



…now I am starting work on the real thing!


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