I drew a giant mass of legs! I drew this a long time ago, but I never posted it because I never posted a lot of things in the past month. (Three months?)

Finally, though, a brief hiatus in the hurricane of exam week… it comes in the form of Friday! So I can share some more fun stufff

It was supposed to be cute when I began drawing it but in the end it turned out pretty gross.

Sooper weeeeiird

When I scanned it in, I had to scan it in two parts, which is why it has the crack in the middle. In reality, it’s a big sheet of paper. Drew it with deep blue shellac-y ink with a dip-pen. I think it’s pretty cool except for the fact that it’s mildly disgusting.


6 thoughts on “LEGZ

    • Hi Eric!!!!! Thanks so much:) i didn’t know Philip Guston until I looked him up the other day- i like his stuff though!!!! Maybe we have connected brain vibes!!!

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